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Introduction to Practice

GCOM works with health and human services (HHS) agencies on essential health and human service functions and programs including: WIC, vital records management, HHS data infrastructure, virtualization and visualization, online state health insurance exchanges, disease surveillance data transparency, and integrated eligibility systems. GCOM brings its edgeless, digital and predictive NextGen Government foci to partnerships with health and human service agencies, supporting their mission to improve population well-being, address social inequality and encourage a thriving economy. In implementing solutions that digitize the delivery of benefits to our community’s most vulnerable citizens such as mobile-app enabled telehealth WIC visits, GCOM helps government provide its citizens with human-centered and seamless experiences. GCOM supports modernized systems that unite legacy benefits eligibility and case management solutions with automated workflows and predictive analytics, maximizing efficiency and empowering state and local employees.

Our Services

Child Welfare

The CCWIS (Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System) regulations have introduced multiple new approaches for States to modernize or replace their existing Child Welfare systems. Modular design, agile methodologies, COTS or platform leverage, Cloud services, and iterative procurements are important factors that can lead to faster solution deployment, more effective case management, and enhanced client and provider usability.

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As states start down the path of modernizing their legacy Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS), the COVID-19 pandemic and rapidly evolving face of healthcare have shed new light on the future of Medicaid.

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Child Support

As states start down the path of modernizing their legacy Child Support Enforcement systems, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a series of challenges, including impairment of court operations, increased number of families on public assistance, a commensurable increase in the volume of child support referrals, higher unemployment or impaired income, and an increase in modification requests.

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Grants Management

The GCOM Grants Management capabilities utilize centralized platform technologies with CRM, Case Management, and Grants Management features. Our approach leverages out-of-the-box data models, workflows tailored made for public sector grants management, and low custom code to speed time to deployment and provide seamless integration with future platform releases. Our approach, which is focused on configuration over customization, supports the agency's future needs and avoids vendor lock-in.

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Consulting and Services

GCOM provides a technically diverse team skilled in the latest technology architectures and delivery methods across people, processes, and technology workstreams. GCOM builds, maintains, and runs systems tailored to the state and local government to improve agency function and enhance the constituent experience. Our approach and solutions provide intuitive, role-based access for citizens, service providers, caseworkers, program administrators, employers, and policymakers. GCOM has performed many health and human services solution projects including, system and grant planning, system integrator, independent verification and validation provider, or program manager.

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GCOM Vital Records Management

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