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Solutions that modernize and streamline licensing, certification, and permitting

About Licensing and Regulatory

State and local organizations are looking for state-of-the-art Enterprise Licensing Solutions to help them meet their objectives of transforming the licensing and certification process and the interaction with participants and stakeholders involved in those activities. GCOM provides premier solutions with a tailored implementation approach that help actualize the commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of all residents who rely on the services of certified and licensed entities. GCOM specializes in delivering flexible, scalable, and configurable solutions to support the licensing, certification, and regulatory needs of a broad set of entities across multiple agencies.

The Journey

We understand that organizations are looking for regulatory and licensing solutions that meet and exceed stakeholder expectations and help them embrace change and reliably manage the system going forward. Our deep domain expertise helps us understand that:


Licensing Agency

Licensing agencies are looking to improve efficiency and service delivery by replacing manual, paper-based processes with a flexible, automated system.

  • Online and Intuitive
  • Configurable
  • Adaptable to Policy Changes
  • Inter Controls and Auditable

Enforcement Agency

Enforcement agencies would like their inspectors to be more productive and responsive by arming them with tools like powerful mobile apps and GIS-enabled advanced analytics.

  • Online and Offline
  • Self-guided
  • Mobile Inspection

Hearing Agency

Hearing agencies would like to streamline and accelerate services by having access to a comprehensive, integrated solution.

  • Online and Intuitive
  • Historical Data
  • Customer Friendly

Citizen/Business Owner

Citizen and Business Partners should have access to modern, robust mobile/web solutions that leverage human-centered design to provide an exceptional user experience.

  • Online
  • Convenient
  • Fast Delivery
  • One-Stop Shop
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GCOM has established an outstanding reputation for delivering innovative, tailored technology solutions focusing on modernizing legacy IT systems. We combine the scale to support large complex projects with a smaller company's agility and accessibility, giving state and local leaders a third option when looking for a partner to their technology challenges. Our reputation for innovation and reliability has been earned by helping clients leverage cutting edge technology while mitigating risk. Our team collectively brings decades of successful government experience to the table. GCOM combines its experience and domain expertise with a user-centric design for solutions that improve agency performance, accessibility, and transparency.

Focus Areas
Citizen & Business Portal

Citizen and Business Partners want access to modern, robust mobile/web solutions that leverage human-centered design to provide an exceptional user experience when they...

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Submission & Processing of Application

GCOM provides solution for full lifecycle of application processing – intake (edit, submit, withdraw), payment, inspection & survey,...

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Licensing, Certification & Permitting

GCOM configures required licenses, permits, certificate management processes using best practices and proven, purpose-built COTS platform as needed to meet customer...

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Payment Management

GCOM has worked with several customers to address their payment management needs with proven, user friendly payment engines that provide consistent & accurate...

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Inspection & Enforcement

GCOM has delivered comprehensive inspection and enforcement tracking systems, including purpose-built, GIS-enabled mobile apps for Field Inspectors, providing them the flexibility...

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Dispute, Appeals & Hearing

GCOM provides solutions that fully automate the scheduling and hearing processes, including digital file management that delivers significant efficiency improvements to Administrative...

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GCOM Delivers
  • One-Stop Portals

    Robust business portal solutions that provide exceptional customer experience offering a full range of business processes with powerful dashboards and social media integration.

  • Mobile First

    GIS-enabled mobile apps with full access to the licensing database, including offline capabilities, make field workers highly efficient and productive.

  • Cloud Hosted

    Reliable Managed Services that leverage a phenomenal track record to innovate, tailor, run and manage systems to successfully meet agency goals.

  • Mission Specific

    Purpose-built solutions that incorporate industry-standard best practices with the embedded domain expertise to enable organizations to manage a broad range of licensing, certification, enforcement functions powered by intelligent workflows, advanced data analysis, visualization, reporting, and query capabilities.

  • Domain Experience

    Expertise that ensures security and reliability of the system and adherence to the critical standard such as HIPAA.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Deployment flexibility ranging from on-premise to fully managed cloud solution.

  • 01

    Delightful, Efficient Customer Service

    Enabled by human-centered designand innovative mobile solutions

  • 02

    Secure, Compliant System

    Enabled by strong system, Cyber & HIPAA security procedures and regulation knowledge/adherence

  • 03

    Enhanced Worker Productivity/Compliance

    Enabled by intelligent automation and a low-code, flexible, scalable, configurable solution

  • 04

    Accurate, Timely, Actionable Information

    Enabled by a modern, integrated enterprise solution that promotes data sharing/reuse and has advanced analytics

  • 05

    Outstanding Support

    Enabled by GCOM’s ongoing 24x7x365 US-based customer support by ITIL certified technicians using ISO/IEC 20000 certified processes

Consulting and Services

GCOM is a trusted partner known to be fully vested in customers' initial and ongoing success. GCOM's wealth of domain expertise enables us to offer state and local government customers a tailored digital transformation approach. By recognizing the nuances of different agencies' technology challenges, GCOM helps bridge the gap between legacy systems and next-generation solutions. Our extremely tech-savvy team is the strategic partner agencies need to determine the most cost-effective, efficient, and constituent-centric path forward to their ELS modernization. GCOM's team of technologists and domain experts have decades of industry-leading expertise under their belts. GCOM has earned a stellar reputation as a client-focused, innovative government solutions provider, and looks to revalidate its reputation with every new client project. GCOM consulting offers the following value proposition:

  • Optimize Digital Engagement with a Solution Innovator

    We provide relentless focus on user experience that helps transform interaction with participants and stakeholders of the system. We use domain expertise and industry best practices to help clients achieve desired outcomes

  • Reduce Risk with a Trusted Implementation Partner

    We are large enough to scale, yet small enough to be nimble with deep experience managing complex multi-agency environments. We are an ideal alternative to large SI fatigue. We effectively combine the optimal mix of services, people, processes, and technologies to deliver an innovative, future-proof solution

  • Improve Agency Operations with Reliable Managed Services

    We leverage our phenomenal track record to innovate, tailor, run, and manage systems to meet agency goals successfully. As a premier, experienced managed service provider, we ensure the system's security and reliability and adherence to critical standards such as HIPAA. We provide sought-after digital skills that free up internal IT staff to focus on other value-add work


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