Now it's as easy to pay or appeal a parking ticket as it is to get one

Pay or Appeal SaaS Solution


Pay or Appeal
GCOM's award-winning Pay or Appeal Parking Ticket resolution app provides government payment and remittance processing agencies the opportunity to provide residents with a  modern edgeless option to make payments or register an appeal directly from their mobile device. This innovative solution provides intuitive, frictionless payment processing, accelerating government revenue receipts, reducing defaults, and decreasing overall cost to the collecting agencies.


Pay or Appeal Platform


  • Achieve social-distance guidelines without business disruption - superior no-contact government customer service and satisfaction
  • Extends fingertip access to the 17% of smart-phone only internet access adults
  • Extensible to support nearly any legacy browser-based web payment application
  • Maximum interoperability capabilities – Integrate with any web-service API
  • Modern mobile architecture, payment vehicle agnostic – Virtually plug-n-play

Extensible Cloud Architecture for Low-Friction Native Mobile App Accessibility


Win-Win Solution

Government Agency Benefits

  • Provide increased convenience to the public
  • Reduce in-person transactions and corresponding costs associated with them
  • Faster revenue collection
  • Provide a framework for future agency initiatives based on mobile applications

Public Benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction and improved level of customer service
  • Available to 17% of adults using a smart phone as only internet access
  • Reduced costs of appeal hearings
  • Reduction in late-fees and impounds
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