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GCOM Community Health Monitoring & Data Visualization

In today’s environment, the general public is much more 'data-aware' and demands factual, transparent, and digestible information regarding disease and health in their communities. While state and local health departments need a modernized data surveillance infrastructure to understand community health trends better and shape the policy. Certain disease conditions share many social, environmental, behavioral, and biological determinants and are often managed by similar organizations. Public health efforts to prevent their occurrence require a syndemic (synergistically interacting epidemics) orientation. Understanding the local epidemiology, and the risks and the service needs of the communities served, are essential components of developing appropriate, comprehensive services and thereby enhancing quality, public health impact, and cost-effectiveness.


To address these needs, GCOM provides a dynamic data management platform anchored by a domain-specific data model and includes flexible data integration and powerful data virtualization capabilities. This platform is wrapped with a configurable Epidemiology and Community Health Data visualization layer easily consumable by citizens, community-based service providers, policymakers, and researchers. Advanced query features allow ordinary users to explore data at several levels of granularity by easily slicing and dicing across multiple dimensions in a single screen. Citizens and service providers can find the best and most up-to-date information on diseases in their communities, trend data for community health, and seasonal issues like flu or other infectious diseases in their neighborhoods. Also, the state and local leaders/ policymakers can access the information they need to make decisions on how to deploy resources to tackle immediate and long-term health issues.

GCOM Community Health Monitoring Platform

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GCOM Community Health Monitoring Platform

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