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SmartNet Contracts


SMARTNet Contracts cost out of control? GCOM can help reduce your bill by up to 50%.

Cisco SMARTNet Contract Consolidation, Optimization and Facilitation Services

Your network is the foundation of your business and must be up and running optimally at all times. Even a minor issue can have major effects on your staff, customers, and operations. Service Contracts is your lifeline when network disruptions occur. It's why GCOM's SMARTNet Contracts include advanced hardware replacement and 24/7 technical support.

GCOM consolidates all your SMARTNet contracts and merges them into a single, manageable contract with one renewal date.

We analyze your contracts, compare them to the inventory, determine inefficiencies, align the coverage with your organization's requirements and maintain renewals year after year ensuring that you only pay for what you have and for the support level you need.

Service Contract Management Advantages

Service Contract Management Advantages
  • Save up to 50% of your service contract bill.
  • Ensures that all devices and subscriptions in your network are covered by an active, accurate contract.
  • Transparency in knowing which devices are covered at what level, and which devices are not covered.
  • Optimize financial planning with co-termination of all contracts for device and subscriptions renewal.

Cisco SmartNet Support Includes

Cisco SmartNet Support
  • Cisco TAC Support - complete software, hardware, planning, and troubleshooting services.
  • Advanced Hardware Replacement - hardware replacements in event of hardware failure.
  • Operating System Updates - routine software updates and releases that improve the functionality, efficiency, and security of the software.
  • Comprehensive Online Knowledge Base – access to articles and guides that are helpful in configuring, troubleshooting, planning, and designing your infrastructure
  • Smart Accounts - a new way to manage your Cisco licenses with a central location across the entire organization. Use Smart Accounts to view, store, manage, and move your Cisco software assets to where they are needed.
  • Network Architecture - modernize your network using our recommendations and replacements. Cisco support helps monitor and report network devices approaching end-of-life (EOL), end-of-sale (EOS), and end-of-support (EOS).
  • Security and Product Alerts - receive actionable security alerts, hardware and software update notices, and service availability alerts. All alerts can be customized to your operational requirements.
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