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GCOM Use-of-Force Reporting

GCOM's Use-of-Force Reporting is a COTS product that enables State crime reporting organizations to receive and validate State and FBI compliant Use-of-Force data submissions from the local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA's).

  • Incoming Submissions to the State Agency (LEAs to the State Agency): UoF enforces all 200+ FBI National Use-of-Force Business Rules as defined by FBI Technical Specification.
  • Real-time XML submissions to the FBI: Use of Force product is capable of sending real-time UoF submissions in XML format to the FBI, providing immediate success or failure confirmation.
  • Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Records Management System (RMS) agnostic: Flexibility to receive compliant data in numerous modern and legacy formats, minimizing implementation efforts.
  • GCOM's Use of Force offers advanced reporting capabilities: A user can view/download their monthly transactions and error report. State Admins can send reminder emails to delinquent agencies with one click.

GCOM Use-of-Force Reporting

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  • CJIS Compliant
  • Process Error Data Set (EDS) from FBI
  • Notifications & Inbox for message alerts
  • Flexible and non-invasive
  • Dashboard to check status and alerts
  • Configurable per state-specific UoF data requirements
  • Reports – Summary by Agency, Region, and State
  • Correlation with NIBRS Incident Report identifier
  • FBI UoF File generation
  • Agency Maintenance & Account Management
  • Monthly XML-file submission to FBI
  • Audit Services
  • Zero Reports

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GCOM Use-of-Force Reporting

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