Wait List

What is a Wait List

  • Public Housing Authorities use an online wait list to identify households in need of housing assistance.

The American Rescue Plan allocates $5 billion for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. These funds must go to those who are or were recently homeless, as well as individuals who are escaping from domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking.​

Wait List Management

  • In the case of the American Rescue Plan funding, vouchers must be targeted to: recently homeless, as well as individuals who are escaping from domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking.
  • Many PHAs have wait list applications with data that can be 10 years old​. This data needs to be scrubbed or as is the case most often a new wait list is stood up.

The Opportunity

  • Since many PHAs will find it too cumbersome to clean and re-use their current wait list application, many will choose to stand up a new wait list management system in order to cleanly target the funded population for the $5B in new voucher funding.
  • There are 3500 PHAs across the US and each will have to make a choice about how to mange their wait list dilemma.
  • A Low-code/no-code solution that is scalable and can be stood up in a short period of time would appeal to many PHAs as a practical alternative to cleaning and updating their old data. The PHAs cannot legally discard their old data, however they can decide to re-open their wait list and start again targeting the new money populations

What does a Wait List application entail

  • Household demographic information collection
  • Category of need
  • An ability to sort and categorize the data collected to focus on targeted population
  • A log/record of entries and selections to prove compliance with program funding requirements. Inserted is a sample PHA wait list application.


  • A system that could be offered for $50K for 2-6 month time frame would allow most PHAs to avoid having to go out for bid.
  • An alternative offering would be a monthly subscription fee if we could provide a multi-tenant solution. This option may be most feasible given the uniformity of the requirements as currently envisioned.
  • PHAs can allocate the money relatively quickly or risk losing it to another jurisdiction.
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